Past Projects

Barclays Corporate Migration

Barclays corporate Migration from AFTS payments system to Global Pay Plus (GPP) project. (Test strategy design, plan, system integration and User acceptance testing & training)

Royal Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland : Core complex payment testing on SEPA and SWIFT transactions (Test management, Vendor management, and system integration and Implementation to live

Working Links UK Migration

Working links UK Migration of claims engine code from v1.0 to V2.0 project (a ERP/CRM Dynamics solution to CRM 2013 cloud technology (Test strategy design, plan, integration and Implementation to live

Barclays Wealth Investments

Barclays Wealth Investments: Upgrade from CRM Dynamics2004 to CRM2011 & 2013 (Design, integration and Implementation to live)

Nationwide Building Society

Nationwide Building society: Accounts and payments platform reconciliation (Test strategy design, Unit testing, Systems and UAT)

Cardiff Pinnacle Insurance

Cardiff Pinnacle Insurance – SQL Server upgrade, Test Automation, performance testing

Lloyds Banking Group & Barclays

Lloyds Banking Group & Barclays – Anti money laundering, Load balancing, Operational Acceptance testing & Volume testing

Barclays Bank & ING Amsterdam

Barclays Wealth & ING Amsterdam – Quality Assurance Testing Load balancing, Performance Testing

CAF Banking

CAF Bank – Load balancing, UAT, Business acceptance testing